Vice Chancellor Message


Vice Chancellor
Prof. (Dr.) Anil Kumar Rai

Dear Students,
          I am happy to welcome you all in this University and hope that you will enjoy learning in the campus.

Our educational institutions have come a long way in terms of dissemination of knowledge within the constraints of faculty specific disciplines, leaving little choice for our young learners to pursue their goals and fulfill their obligations towards the pursuit of knowledge in this age of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (One world-one family). While numerous technological advancements have evolved to help us to seek knowledge and enhance our learning and improve our skills, it will be worthwhile to stress upon developing our higher education institutions like our University to have a multidisciplinary approach and developing courses which will help the students to learn and gain knowledge in their respective areas of studies, and at the same time enhance their skills, with special reference to the growing and challenging world order. We will always strive to impart the best of our knowledge to you and to instill the pride of being an Indian, in your thoughts, in spirit, intellect and deeds as well develop knowledge, skills and values which will eventually help you to be good and responsible citizens of Bharat and the world in general.

The Universities are envisioned as higher seats of learning, reservoirs of knowledge, and testing grounds for amalgamation of ideas, wisdom, innovations and experimentations. The universities indeed play a critical role in addressing various challenges in society and thus can be seen as "solution centers" for a wide range of issues such as ‘Research and Innovation’, ‘Education and Training’, ‘Community Engagement’, ‘Industry-Academia Collaborations’, ‘Entrepreneurship and Startups’, ‘Public Policy and Advocacy’ along with other Global Challenges. It is a community to provide facilities and courses, which helps to understand the local society, its traditions and culture, keeping in view the opportunities and challenges emanating from a competitive national and international environment. It's essential for universities to be adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of society and to engage with various stakeholders, including businesses, governments, and communities, to provide solutions to various issues, keeping its primary goal - education and research – at the forefront. Aligning with these societal visions, this University is committed to realize and accomplish the social and national goals by means of education and research.

We assure you an optimal and conducive learning environment on the campus where you will be able to pursue your academic journey to the maximum possible extent and develop into individuals who can meaningfully participate in realizing the dream of making Bharat a global knowledge superpower – “The Vishwa Guru”.

Best wishes to you and your endeavours !

Professor (Dr.) Anil Kumar Rai