21/11/2017 Regarding Endowment Fund _1320

19/11/2017 Exam Center for Semester I/III and PGDCA Sem-I and LL.B.- I/II (Due)

18/11/2017 Regarding Endowment Fund

15/11/2017 Regarding Affiliation Order for Session 2017-18

15/11/2017 Corrigendum related to Affiliation

14/11/2017 affiliation order B.Ed College session 2017-18

14/11/2017 affiliation order 4 Year Int. session 2017-18

14/11/2017 Revised Fixture West Zone Kabaddi Tournament

14/11/2017 Regarding Police Verification of Employees

13/11/2017 west zone kabaddi tournament

09/11/2017 Qualifying Standard Athletics norms

09/11/2017 Inter University Sports Tournament

07/11/2017 Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University Procurement and Sales Act, 2017

07/11/2017 Affiliation order

03/11/2017 Regarding Provisional Merit List for Gold Medal

03/11/2017 Information Regarding Syllabus for Session 2017-18

01/11/2017 West Zone Inter University Kabadi (M) Championship 2017-18

28/10/2017 Affiliation order for session 2017-18

25/10/2017 basketball and football date change

24/10/2017 Regarding M.Sc.(IT), M.Ed., LL.M. First, Third Semester, PGDCA-I Semester and LL.B.- I/II (Due) Online Examination Form

24/10/2017 Basket Ball Tournament date change

23/10/2017 Revised Information regarding NC Student Practical Training & Training Centrer

23/10/2017 Information to colleges regarding NC Student Practical Training & Training Center

13/10/2017 Affiliation order for 2017-18

13/10/2017 Affiliation order 2017-18 for law colleges

11/10/2017 Notification regarding date change of Sports tournamnets

11/10/2017 Regarding Required Mark sheets Detail

10/10/2017 Regarding Inspection and Affiliation

05/10/2017 Boxing and Weight lifting Tournament Date Change

03/10/2017 Office Order Regarding Endowment Fund Deposited

27/09/2017 Affiliation Order for 2017-18

26/09/2017 Regarding Used Practical Answer Books

25/09/2017 Advt. Regarding Exam Center

25/09/2017 Advt. Regarding Enrolment

22/09/2017 Affiliation Order 2017-18

22/09/2017 Regarding Blood Donation Camp...

22/09/2017 Committee Consist Order Affiliation Fee Refund

20/09/2017 Qualifying Standard for Swimming

18/09/2017 Regarding Blood Donation Camp

18/09/2017 Affiliation Order of Govt. Colleges for Session 2017-18

15/09/2017 Info Regarding Endowment Fund deposited

15/09/2017 sports calendar for session 2017-18

14/09/2017 affiliation order session 2017-18

07/09/2017 Application for issuing Duplicate Mark-Sheet/Provisional Certificate/Migration Certificate

07/09/2017 Regarding Extension of Revaluation Date for LL.B.- I & II Year & PGDLL

05/09/2017 Regarding "SWACHHTA PAKHWADA" from 1-15 sept, 2017

30/08/2017 B.Ed.-I/II Practical Exam of Remaining Student

30/08/2017 Re-Exam of LL.M.-II Semester "Legislative Method and Interpretation-II(New/Old)"

29/08/2017 Revaluation Date for LL.B.-I/II & PGDLL

26/08/2017 Regarding pledge on 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' to be taken on 05-08-2017 teacher's day

24/08/2017 Regarding External examiner panal for practical exm-2017 of M.Sc(IT)- II sem, PGDCA-II sem. and m.ed

24/08/2017 Regarding Educational tour for college students

21/08/2017 Regarding Student Union Election 2017-18..

14/08/2017 Regarding collection of remaining Mark Sheets

11/08/2017 Regarding Revaluation Date Extension 10-8-2017 to 15-8-2017

10/08/2017 Regarding Seniority List of Faculty Members

03/08/2017 Regarding Student Union Election 2017-18

02/08/2017 Regarding M.Ed. Colleges

02/08/2017 Regarding Collection of Mark Sheets

26/07/2017 Affiliation Order for Session 2017-18

21/07/2017 Regarding Collection of Mark Sheet

19/07/2017 Regarding External Panel of Computer and Practical Answer Books

15/07/2017 Regarding B.Ed. I/II Year Practical Exam-2017

14/07/2017 Regarding extension of B.Ed. Online marks filling date

10/07/2017 Regarding information of remaining main answerbooks

06/07/2017 Tender Notice for Used sale of Exam Answer book , Packing material and Sweeping waste paper year 2016 PDUSU, SIKAR Dist-Sikar

03/07/2017 Regarding Internal Marks Online Filling

03/07/2017 Regarding Urgent submission of Awards and Remuneration Bill

01/07/2017 Regarding International Day of Yoga 2017

29/06/2017 Regarding UM Cases related Exam, 2017

27/06/2017 Regarding information of 5 years experienced lecturers

23/06/2017 Important Notice Regarding Bank Account Detail for Payment

22/06/2017 Revised Time Table of PGDLL

20/06/2017 Regarding B.Com.-I & II Year Mark sheets and TR

19/06/2017 Regarding RTI

19/06/2017 Regarding 75% attendance of B.Ed. Ist & II nd year Student

14/06/2017 Examination Time Table for DLL, LL.B-I & II Year

12/06/2017 Regarding Last date of Practical Exam, 2017

12/06/2017 Regarding 200 working days of B.Ed. I & II students

10/06/2017 Info Regarding AISHE PORTAL

09/06/2017 Regarding International Yoga Day

06/06/2017 Affiliation Order of B.Ed College for session 2017-18

06/06/2017 Launching of Voter Registration Drive

02/06/2017 Regarding 75% attendance information Law student

02/06/2017 Important Order Regarding B.A B.Ed/ B.Sc B.Ed 4 year Integrated Course


30/05/2017 Important Notice Regarding Exam Center, 2016

29/05/2017 Regarding Prevention of Cast Based Discrimination

29/05/2017 Regarding Prevention of Cast Based Discrimination

27/05/2017 Requirement of Panels of Doctors and Hospitals for the Treatment of officers and employees of the University

24/05/2017 BOM MINUTES

20/05/2017 Important Notice Regarding Inspection of B.ed/M.ed College

20/05/2017 Inspection performa for affiliation 2017-18

18/05/2017 Regarding Examiner Panal for BBA/BCA

18/05/2017 Advertisement for B.Ed. Exam-2017 Online Application Form & Instruction

17/05/2017 Most Urgent Regarding inspection B.ed/M.ed College for Session 2017-18

15/05/2017 Regarding External Examiner for PG Practical Subject

15/05/2017 PG Non-Coll. Geography Practical Exam Center List

13/05/2017 Notification Regarding Submission of Affiliation File of Degree Colleges

05/05/2017 Important Notice regarding Submission of Dessertation

04/05/2017 Importent Notice regarding MA (Pre.) Sociology Exam Dated 5.5.17

04/05/2017 Revised UG Non-Collegiate Student Practical Exmination Center List

03/05/2017 Notice regarding Non-Collegiate Practical Examination Center

02/05/2017 Info Regarding Practical External Examiners Bill

02/05/2017 Notification regarding Paper of B.A. Part-I History -I Paper code 1028-I

29/04/2017 Regarding Practical BA/B.Sc

25/04/2017 Notification regarding PG Exam date postpone

25/04/2017 Notification regarding Practical Training 2017

25/04/2017 Notification regarding Exam, 2016 Remaining Answer books use in Exam, 2017

24/04/2017 PG exam date extension

24/04/2017 Notification regarding Exam date change

22/04/2017 Examiner Report, Performa and Practical Bill

19/04/2017 BA B.ed, B.Sc. Bed 4 year Integrated courses Inspection Proforma and Rules 2017-18

17/04/2017 Practical Elementary Computer Application of B.Sc./B.Com.

16/04/2017 Most Urgent Info Regarding Exam Center Change

15/04/2017 Most Urgent Regarding inspection B.ed/M.ed College for Session 2017-18

13/04/2017 Circulation of copy of Gazette Notification of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016

13/04/2017 Gazette Notification of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016

07/04/2017 Receiving information from Government/Private College

06/04/2017 Regarding inspection B.ed/M.ed College for Session 2017-18

01/04/2017 Regarding inspection B.ed/M.ed College for Session 2017-18

31/03/2017 Press Vigyapti LL.B.-I & II And Diploma

22/03/2017 Regarding Age Certificate

17/03/2017 Regarding Wall Clock in Examination Hall

16/03/2017 Flying Squad Performa

15/03/2017 Instructions for Inspection of B.Ed.,M.Ed. College for Session 2017-18

15/03/2017 Performa for Inspection of B.Ed.,M.Ed. College for Session 2017-18

10/03/2017 Regarding Exam Center

09/03/2017 Regarding Online Payment

06/03/2017 Revised Time Table B.A. - II (Regular)

06/03/2017 Revised Time Table B.A. - II (NC)


27/02/2017 Flying Squad for University Examination 2017

27/02/2017 Revised Time Table BA-I (Regular)

27/02/2017 Revised Time Table UG Examination 2017

27/02/2017 Revised Time Table BA-I (NC)

25/02/2017 Reminder About Check List Updation

23/02/2017 Time Table UG Examination 2017

23/02/2017 Time Table UG First Year Examination 2017

23/02/2017 Time Table UG Second Year Examination 2017


18/02/2017 Celebrating 21 February as Matri Bhasha Divas

16/02/2017 Practical Exam, 2017 Bills and other Reports


14/02/2017 LL.M.-III Semester First Qus. Paper Re-Exam 20.02.17

14/02/2017 Regarding Elementry Computer Application Exam

14/02/2017 Regarding Check List Updation


08/02/2017 Regarding deposition of sessional and ISB

04/02/2017 Regarding Enrollment Number of Professional Courses


03/02/2017 Exam Form Submission

28/01/2017 Medical Certificates of PH Candidates

28/01/2017 Submission of attendance of M.Ed. I,III Semester Students

27/01/2017 Regarding Exam Form Submission

25/01/2017 office order Regarding Deposit of Migration in Colleges

25/01/2017 Guideline for submission filled exam form at University

24/01/2017 Programme of Semester-I (LL.M.) Examination, December 2016 (New Scheme)

24/01/2017 Programme of M.Sc.(Information Technology) Semester-III Examination, December 2016

24/01/2017 Programme of M.Ed. (Master of Education) Semester-III Examination, December 2016

24/01/2017 Programme of Semester-I (LL.M.) Examination, December, 2016 (Old Scheme)

24/01/2017 Programme of P.G.Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)Semester-I Examination, December 2016

24/01/2017 Regarding Cashless Payment Method

24/01/2017 Guide Line for Checking Exam Forms

24/01/2017 Programme of LL.M.(Semester-III)Personal Law (PL) Examination December 2016

24/01/2017 Programme of M.Sc (Information Technology) Semester-I Examination December 2016

24/01/2017 Programme of M.Ed. (Master of Education) Semester-I Examination, December 2016

21/01/2017 office order regarding blood donate Camp dated 23-1-2017


17/01/2017 Office order Regarding Offline Exam Form for Migrate Students


10/01/2017 Regarding Enterence Policy 16-17

09/01/2017 Advt for Exam Center Creation

07/01/2017 Online Exam Form Date Extended

07/01/2017 Regarding Due paper difference fees

07/01/2017 Regarding Revaluated Mark Sheet exam, 2016

06/01/2017 Regarding NC Student & College Changes

04/01/2017 NC Exam Form Collection Centre for Dist. Sikar and Jhunjhunu

04/01/2017 NC Practical Training Centre for Dist. Sikar and Jhunjhunu

03/01/2017 Office order Regarding AISHE Portal